How to put a cut out pattern on a curved face

I need to draw what I’ve been doing. I laser cut a pattern on a 4’-0" by 8’-0" plate of 3/16" aluminum and then roll form it into a 180º semi circle. How would you draw that?

Pretty much the same way as you would do it in real life.
Draw the 4x8, put the design on it and cut it out, extrude to 3/16th then bend it.
The trick is to use Thomthom’s Truebend.
180 laser

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Wow Box! Thank you.

I take it Thomthom’s Truebend is a plug in.

Yep, here’s a link to it.

You could also make a curved face then intersect an extruded version of your design through it, this would create a slightly different shape.
But from your description, making the shape and truebending it is about as close as you’ll get to rolling it.

I mean extension. Found it, Thanks.

Yes, my attempts at intersection was a challenge.
Thank you again for the extension