How to draw curves on curved polygons?

Hi all, I’m working on a plane model and have the problem, my model currently looks like this.

I hope can make it looks like this.

I think the P-3C was painted by wrapping and texturing, another example is this P40.

Camouflager and ROC logo is isolated polygons, since Boolean can’t apply on un-solid items, so I have no idea how to draw lines on curved object.

Welcome any ideas or thoughts, thanks!

You can use the Intersect Faces command to apply lines on a curved object. Create the insignia you want on a flat plane above the curved object (let’s call it a wing). And let’s assume the wing is a component. Once you have the insignia drawn and positioned where you want it over the wing, use the Push/Pull tool to push the insignia into the wing. For the insignia shown in your question, you’ll need to do repeated push/pull operations until you’ve pushed everything into place. Leave the insignia as loose geometry. Select all the geometry for the insignia and cut it to the clipboard. Open the wing component for editing and paste the insignia in place. Select everything and go to Edit>Intersect faces>With Selection. Erase all the geometry above the wing. What’s left will be the insignia applied to the curved wing surface. You can then use the Paint Bucket to color the sections of the insignia.
Hope this helps.

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Great thanks! dh, your reply is really helpful!

I guess the way @davidheim1 said also can apply on those windows on plane body?

Fredo’s Tools On Surface extensions allows you to draw curves on meshes:

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Thank you for your sharing! I’d like to try it .