'Tools on surface' plug in not working as expected



Hi there,

I am trying to draw lines onto a curve using ‘tools on surface’ plug in. In case it matters, I originally drew the curve using the plug in ‘Curvi loft’

Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Many Thanks,



What size is your model? If you measure it in mm or even only an inch or two, you might be running into SU’s problem with creating small edges.

Try using ‘the Dave method’ (search the forum for more detail) - make the piece a component, copy and scale up the copy by x100 or x1000, and try again on the scaled up copy. When done, delete the copy, and the original will have the same geometry, but scaled back down.

SU can’t CREATE small edges, but it can preserve them when scaled down.


Just scaled up and bingo bango it works - I should have thought of this considering scaling up seems to be the solution for a lot of things :smiley:

Thanks man, like your ‘dave method’ tip too.

Thanks for your time, its really appreciated



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