File opens, but can't be modified

Ok, so I just started using Sketchup about two months ago. Downloaded trial Pro Version, not realizing the world of hurt I was putting myself in until it was too expensive. I spent quite a few hours working on a model of a commercial kitchen. Trial period ended, downloaded Make on new computer, transferred file, and now I have a file that I can look at but can’t edit, select or modify. I can add new things to the model, but I have to hit revert in the edit menu or control+z to get rid of those new objects, but I can’t select them with the mouse in anyway.

I can Select all, copy and paste the whole drawing, but can’t select or edit components. No right clicking.

Is there any way to avoid starting over?

Something’s missing from the details for this story because there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t edit the SKP file. A SketchUp file created in SketchUp Pro can be edited/modified in SketchUp Make. How about uploading the file so we can take a look at it?

The file is too big to upload. So what details do we start with?

Maybe you can try purging unused stuff. go to window>Model Info>Statistics and purge unused. Does that reduce the file size?

When you select entities already in the model, what color are their bounding boxes?

Where is the file saved?

Maybe you could upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide a link.

I wonder if you have accidentally locked your model? If you click on part of it, is it highlighted in red? If so, it’s been locked inside Sketchup.

If that is the case, right-click on it, and choose Unlock from the context menu.

No dice on purging. Still 6.54MB.

I can’t select with the mouse, only by Edit>Select All. When I try to select with a bounding box, the box disappears when I let go of the button.

File was stored in non sketchup file on old computer, but I was working on it and suddenly I had these problems, which I though was related to the trial. On the new computer it’s stored on the desktop. I’ll try loading it to the Warehouse, and storing it in Sketchup files.

You can leave it on the desktop. Try uploading it to the warehouse so we can see it, though.

To select with the mouse, click on any edge or face in the model. That will make the bounding box appear, but you can’t select the bounding box itself.

PS. When you do ‘Select All’, as DaveR has already asked, what colour is the highlight?

When I try to select an edge or face, it doesn’t work. Select All gives me blue boxes.

Then the model isn’t locked.

Upload the model to the 3D Warehouse, Dropbox, OneDrive, or another file sharing site, as DaveR suggested, and post a link here so we can look at it.

There’s nothing really wrong with the SketchUp file which makes me wonder about your graphics card. I can select various entities without any problem.

I do see some issues with the way some things are drawn but those shouldn’t have any impact on whether or not you can select entities or edit them. It’s not efficiently drawn and there are a lot of reversed faces to correct.

What are you going to do with the model once you have it finished?

When I first opened it in SU2017, like the OP I couldn’t select anything.

I opened the Components window to see what was in the model, dragged out the first listed component, but didn’t place it.

Then did Zoom All, and got the model back to front (and I think upside down).

I wonder if the Camera position got corrupted somehow?

Anyway, once I’d done that, it started to respond,

So there was some sort of a problem. But it works ok now.

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So I just changed from Parellel Projection to Perspective, and suddenly every thing is fine…I can select things again. WTF? The same thing on both computers…

I have no doubt things are drawn in efficiently, or wrong, or straight up wierdly, but I’m prettty new at this. Clearly. Thanks for the help!

Generally you’ll find that it’s easier to do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective view.

It’s for my own use, to visualize the workspace, and to print top down to submit to the California dept of Farm and Agriculture for their review to get licensed.

I downloaded the SU 2017 version of the model and opened it with SU 2017 Mac. Since I wanted to look at the geometry at more detail I clicked Zoom Extents. Oddly enough the model then displayed upside-down. That said, I was able to select/modify the model’s geometry.

The fact that I did this on a laptop finger pad without a mouse should give you some idea of how new to this I am. I have a mouse with my new computer though, and I’m already feeling less Neanderthal.

You might find it easier first to Reset the axes (right click where they intersect) then move and rotate the whole model to get a corner of the room on the Origin. Not essential, but having the red axis run roughly upper left to lower right on screen, and the green one front left to back right, it’s easier to keep track of which way round things are.

Done well with so little experience. As DaveR says, some things you should correct, but nothing earth shattering.

Try changing the default Style so as not to show Endpoints or Extensions.

And make all your ‘loose’ geometry into Components or Groups (I much prefer Components, even if you have only one instance in the model.)

A scroll wheel mouse is almost essential for Sketchup - press and hold the wheel, and move the mouse to Orbit, and roll wheel in/out to zoom. Makes moving around the model SOOOO… much easier.