Can't Edit Saved File

Is there someone from SketchUp’s company that can answer me? I can’t find a customer service number. Alternately, if any of you have a customer service number, please share it.

I am unable to edit a saved file. When I place the cursor on my design, there is a red circle with a line through it. I had a few pop-ups prior to today saying if I used this version, I wouldn’t be able to use another version of SketchUp and to be honest, I had no idea why it was popping up but think that must be the issue. I have a 1-month trial of SketchUp, so I’ve deleted the software and “SketchUp_Fundamentals” lesson files from my computer twice and then re-downloaded everything but I’m still unable to edit the file. It also does not look like my file is locked. Can you please let me know what to do so that I can edit my current file? Thanks so much! ~ Jess

Can you share your file, here?

Thanks for the response and sure, here it is. :slight_smile:
Playset 4.29.23.skp (203.3 KB)

The file opens for me and I can edit it.

Hi, James: I figured it out. This was an issue of me being brand new to SketchUp and only a day in. I kept being thrown by the red circle with a line through it but if I use the arrow and triple-click on the rectangle first, I’m now able to use push/pull. I appreciate you checking on it for me. Have a great evening.

No problem. I was stumped. I thought that you might have the Push-Pull tool activated as that does show a red X. But it also shows the Push-Pull tool icon so I presumed that wasn’t it.

Good luck. The tutorials are a good place to start. These are handy too:

Square One - YouTube

Ooo, yes, this file is actually part of a tutorial. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the YouTube link as well. Really appreciate your help! :pray:

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The first double-click got you inside the group. After that you could have pointed at the face to push pull. The standard push pull tool doesn’t let you pull faces that are inside a group, you have to go into the group to do that.