Opening Sketchup files from Dropbox to edit, but unable to edit


Helping out someone with a Sketchup Model they have created and I opened up a dropbox file, tried to use push/pull tool on roof trusses and wall framing but no luck, it seems to be locked or protected.

Any help in this would be great. Cheers! Ceilidh - Sketchup user since 2015.


Download the file to a local drive to work on it. Save the changes locally and then upload it back to Dropbox.

You might search the forum for Dropbox. You’ll find other threads discussing the use of it for saving skp files.


I actually think OP is having problem editing the geometry, nothing regards to the Dropbox locking the file and opening read-only.

If that is the case, locked objects will have RED bounding boxes. Look for those, and make sure they aren’t.

Also, you mentioned push-pull. if edges are not perpendicular, or have line adjacent to the face you are trying to pull, you will find that it won’t.

Do you mind showing screenshot or sharing part of the model (I assume it is large or un-sharable)?