Not able to open files in SKUP 2021 on a Mac

Hello SKU community,
I have been experiencing difficulties to open up files using SKUP 2021 on a pretty new Imac. I get a strange pop-up window saying that I cannot open files due to server problem.

I’m not sure if it’s related but I usually save my files in a Dropbox.
This bug/issue started up all of a sudden. At the beggining when I first installed SKU2021 it was running smoothly and stable but now seems to be quite clumsy.

Is someone having the same problem, cqn someone help to solve this issue???

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Saving to Dropbox is likely your problem.
It is recommended to save your files locally on your harddrive. Saving to local network drives or online cloud services can lead to all sorts of problems!
Edit: your profile says you are using SketchUp Make 2017 and Windows. You should update that!

It seems likely that there is a problem communicating with the DropBox server.

What happens if you use the macOS Finder to copy (drag with Option held down) one of the SKP files in question from its normal DropBox folder to a local drive location? Can Finder make the copy without displaying any errors? Similarly, if you select one of the SKP files in its DropBox folder and press Space to activate Quick-Look, does a pop-up window open to show the file’s saved image?

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