Dropbox file opening issues

When ever I try to open an SU 15 drawing from my Dropbox the window crashes. I can only open files stored on Dropbox by opening Sketch Up then navigating to the file via the ‘Open’ function.
Files stored on my computer open from their location.
Anyone else have this problem, and know how to fix it?

The simple answer is SU files really only work well from a local drive. Copy them to dropbox or other server locations as needed for sharing or storage but work with local files.


SketchUp’s auto-save and backup functions rely upon a stable path to the original file location.
The path to an external drive, say, Dropbox via the internet, may be subject to change.
That may cause the problems you describe as well as the potential to lose backup and auto-save files.

Take @Box’s advice, work with local files.

DropBox for the most part lives on your machine. Its nothing more than a folder on your local machine that gets sync’d to the cloud and any other devices that you point at it.

If you are having trouble with a shared file or a DropBox link that might point to other problems (like not being granted editing permissions on the file or shared folder) - but theoretically anything in your DropBox folder should be on your local machine anyway.

I keep all my sketchup files in dropbox and I’ve never had a problem. Is your dropbox folder in the default location? ie C:\Users\USERNAME\Dropbox\Sketchup

got the same problem! files within the dropbox folder have now won’t open crash etc. what was the solution? hope its just a click of a button in permissions etc.