Emergency Sketchup -iCloud-Dropbox


I worked on a model for a week and saved it on my desktop . Since the file is heavy it saves into iCloud. Then I wanted to make sure it was safe, so I also dragged it into Dropbox (and it disappeared from the desktop).
Now I can’t open the file from Dropbox, and I have a deadline… It seems like Dropbox make a copy of the iCloud, but that it’s not really the file… The Sketchup icon is just a black sqaure…

Can anyone please help me?!

Exactly what happens when you try to open the file from Dropbox? If you go to the dropbox.com website (with a web browser) and login, can you find the file? If so, try downloading the file to your computer and opening that copy of the file.

I tried all options and got assistace from Dropbox as well. But we cant get it to work. The file got a ”.” In the beginning of the file Name, and ”.skp.icloud” in the end. It also only contains 250 kb insats of 150 mb (the original file size)

And if you open the Icloud drive folder where the sketchup file was located. And then you choose to open Time Machine (from the icon menu) and go back in time. Does your sketchup file appear?

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