I can't open my file!

Hello everyone,

When I want to open my file, I have this message "it’s seems not te be a sketchup model "
I don’t know what to do beacause I did nothing new. I saved my file before quit.
Does someone have a solution for me ?

Where were you saving the file while you were working on it?

Share the .skp file with us so we can see if it can be recovered.

Hi Dave !
I save my file on my computer which is connected to my cloud…
I share you my file, if you can recover it, it would be great !

So in other words it is being saved directly to the cloud? That is commonly a cause of corrupted files.

No guarantee but certainly there’s nothing we can do at all if you don’t share it.

I don’t know how to share it…When I want to upload the file, it doesn’t work…

Probably larger than 16 Mb. Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

It tells me that “Sorry, it looks like something has gone wrong, the file you are trying to upload is 0 bytes. Please try again.”

Ah … Make sure you have downloaded the file to your computer. If it really is 0 bytes there’ll be nothing in it to recover. You could also look for the backup version of the file which has a ~ before the file extension.

the backup version has disappeared…

If that’s the case and the working file really is empty there’s nothing left but to start over. This time make sure you are saving the file to your internal drive, not to iCloud or similar. Also, since you have a subscription, save the file to your Trimble Connect storage to create a backup copy.

Are you still using SketchUp 2022? Please correct and update your forum profile. The OS wouldn’t be “IOS”.

ok thank you :wink: