File opens, but can't be modified

What exactly do you mean by “keep track of which way round things are”? Halt the time I’m looking and working on this thing from the top and bottom views, so I’m not sure that where the Origin is in regards to the model is helpful in any way.

As I said, it isn’t essential. Just useful if you get disoriented orbiting around.

View Top, then ISO, gets you back to a known position

I did get the mouse with the wheel, and it’s like when I went from play Descent with a keyboard to a joystick with the 4way to thumb button.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll be working on it.

And having the axes in a standard direction makes it easier to draw new components with matching axes, so new ones can be dragged into the model the right way round.

I’m good with the orbiting. 30 years ago my mom worked as a drafter, and I got to play with Intergraph, which was revolutionary as I was lead to believe. I distinctly remember being able to orbit 3d CAD objects. One of the guys she worked with did an awesome version of the Starship Enterprise. Pretty epic experience for and 8 year old kid.