"File not found or Invalid"

Hey! I know a ton of people are asking this question, but I am still inquiring for some recent solution discoveries since I am desperate to recover my file.

See, I’ve worked on this sketch up file for about 6 hours, and as a student, I am currently getting crushed by many projects and deadlines, and simply can’t afford to restart my whole construction. Basically, I get this message of “File not Found or Invalid” and sadly deleted my autosave version and earlier files. I am holding on this only file that just can’t seem to open, even tho I can see a clear thumbnail and the weight of the file seems very accurate. I just can’t get through that wall of accessing it…Please help

I haven’t yet managed to rescue a model to the point that you see anything in the scene, but I can usually rescue components. If you used components a lot I might be able to get something of use. Put the file online somewhere and then put the link to the file in your reply. I use wetransfer.com for doing that, but you may have your own preference.

On the general question of file not found or invalid, I found that we have a critical bug open about the issue, and I have been adding other example files to that. I could include yours too.

Thank you for your fast reply! Here is a link to my file from my google drive, sorry for not using wetransfer;

There seem to be a lot of rocks components in there, is that how you had it? Not sure I’ve rescued much that is of any use, but for what it’s worth, here’s the rescued file:

WeTransfer only keeps the file for a short time. Anyone reading this post later won’t be able to get the file.

Hello, my name is katherine i have the same problem with one file . Can you help me? I need to open this file and i dont know howwww!!

I can try. Go to https://wetransfer.com, go to the Free version, click the three blue dots to get a transfer link. Drag the bad file onto your browser window, then click the Get Link button. Reply here with that link.

Thanks you! i will appreciate your help



Unfortunately, your file crashes the application I might have used to try to recover something. I will check with someone else to get other ideas.

I have other file olders my help, no?

I can try, but I gave your current file to someone else to see what can be done. You could give me the oldest file that may be of some use, then if I get somewhere with it you could give me a later file. If I fail with the oldest of the files, I’m likely to fail with the newer ones.

Ok thank you , lets wait with that one .

Hello, I have the same issue here with a file, could you please try to help me on that??
I have no backup file, and after put it on cloud when I download it just don’t open.

there goes the link!! https://we.tl/t-ZtoNIlCLW6

Appreciate your attention.

I gave it a try, and could retrieve a lot of materials, but no geometry or components.

Hi Colin,

could please see what you could save of my file? Thank you!!

This may be of some use. Nothing in the scene, but I think all of the components are recovered.

Hi Colin,

I am really frustrated to the point that I want to switch to another software after having this samme issue every few months. Please help me to save the file which when I try to open it says “invalid file” or error, or the program just crashes…

here is the link:

That file is zero bytes. Can you check the size of the file you’re uploading?

Do you use Time Machine on your Mac? With that you can go back each hour for the last day, and each day for the last month. That’s usually plenty to be able to go back in time looking for the last version of the file that was good.

I will try to find out, Can you please convert these files into sketchup model, as I was trying to model them in MAX and want to continue in Sketchup but any time I am importing the files into Sketchup - Sketcup is crashing.

The SketchUp files are quite a bit bigger then the 3DS files.