File not found or valid

@colin #pro Hi Colin, ive seen you saved a view peoples life with retrieving there files via some magic. Could you please help me with some files, to recover? I travel far for a project to measure the hotel rooms and now I can’t open it anymore. It tells me the file is not valid. Crying in the corner

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Without sharing the file, no one can help… You can also check the backup file if you can open that…
(it is in a same folder and its ends with tilde like: hotel~.skp)

Or share both files (e.g. hotel.skp and hotel~.skp ) perhaps one of it can be recovered…

I made a wetransfer link.
With a back up file (can’t open that one either) and a skb. file.
Both say its invalid or not found. But they still contain some data I think.
I hope someone can retrieve this file.

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The file named Holiday Inn Gent Expo - Kamer-VO-01.skb can be opened by both the desktop application and the web app. You just need to rename the file to SomethingElse.skp to make it openable.


When you get the file open it would be a good idea to fix the incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be left untagged. Purge unused stuff and reduce the excessively large texture files. When I did that I reduced the file size by 35%.

Screenshot - 4_17_2023 , 9_09_34 AM
You should also fix the reversed faces.

More could be done to to make the model easier for your computer to handle. Simplifying the bloated entourage components would be a good place to start.

O my lovely slipper!!! I love it, you fixed it? How is it possible that you could open it?
@DaveR Is it possible to send me the fixed file? That would help so much! :blush:

Im gonna try this an will be back here if it works, thanks for the tip!!!

(A view minutes later…)
I still couldn’t open it, when I named it differently… what did I do wrong?
I copied the file, placed it somewhere else and renamed it. SomethingElse.skp

The thing is… In the file (Holiday Inn Gent Expo - kamer-VO-01.skp) there are some added measurements that are important, and I really hope someone could fix it and for it to reopen. :smiling_face_with_tear:

the USB I used is gonna be in the trash after all this.

Never open a file directly from an external source, always copy locally then open.

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USB “sticks” die after a number of reads/writes, and opening a file directly from there increases the times your application accesses the disk.

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The other files have been truncated and show a much small file size. The information of dimensions has been totally lost.

Not a Mac person, but do you have Time Machine possibly saving intermediate versions?

:sob: I really hope maybe @Colin could help with some of these files, i read some amazing work he does. Or if someone is able to fix it please give it a try. Sadly I had it on a USB stick and my Time Machine didn’t work on this. Im so stupid for not saving it in my iCloud. I don’t want to let my boss down. :sweat:

Best practice is to save it to your internal drive and work on that copy. Back it up to the cloud if you want but don’t work on that file. You have access to Trimble Connect for cloud storage. That’s part of your subscription. Save your files locally (internally) and publish them to your Trimble Connect cloud storage.

If you open a file from Trimble Connect it is first downloaded to your computer so you are working on an locally saved file. When you publish it back to Trimble Connect it’ll be update and you’ll also have a history of previous published versions of the file.

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I tried the 20 MB file, and couldn’t recover anything from it.

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Thanks everyone for trying. :pray:
I will figure something out with my client.

Why did I have to go to Trimble connect to find my file when it used to be right on the home page. I didn’t want it uploaded to Trimble connect and it said file not found or valid before. I would have never found it if I wasn’t just tring random things. Frustrating!

What version of SketchUp are you using? SketchUp Pro won’t publish files to your Trimble Connect storage unless you tell it to do so.

I guess things are going automatically to Trimble connect but the crazy thing is when I went to open it in recent files opened it said it was not valid or found and when I went on my computer it did not show up anywhere. I also didn’t want it on Trimble connect necessarily but why wouldn’t pull it up when I went to recent files even if it is in Trimble connect.

With SketchUp Pro, where you decide to save your file is entirely up to you. I keep all my models on my own hard drive.

Did you try going to Trimble connect under file? That is where my file was and I couldn’t get to it any other way and told me the file was not found or not valid when I tried to open it in recent files.