Extension find the soft/smooth edge between two materials


I waste so much time with topography editing looking for where sketchup made an edge soft/smooth. Does anyone know of anything that would help find them?



Have you considered just turning on Hidden Geometry? Switching to Shaded or Monochrome would make it easier to see the edges than looking at them with some sort of foliage texture. Monochrome would make it possible to see if you have faces reversed and fix them, too…


Yes I have turned on hidden and off. I have not tried monochrome.


I have gone around selecting the edges and seeing if the boxes get checked in the entity info and with hidden geometry double click the faces along the edges also looking at the boxes in entity info.


And what did you find? Maybe if you’d share your SketchUp file, we could see what you are seeing.


Had not thought about switching to displaying all the same. That has helped. Found a couple more but still not all of them. (I hate topo)


Did you have edge color set to By Material?

With it set to All the same, change the color to something like red.


I had them set to all the same (edges) but good. I meant faces.


Just found one edge that was soft that was ~1/16 long. Still missing some somewhere.


Here is with the entire edge selected.


But still bleeding between…


I have used edge inspector and no open ends.



Set your Style to show profiles fatter and other edges thinner.
You might then see that some edges are not related to some faces ?


Profiles are only the ones that do not have a face on the other side unfortunately.


I have double clicked this face that is highlighted. It highlights the line in between but when I isolate the edges only, it still says they are all normal…


Still waiting to see the SKP so I can help you without guessing at the real problem.


It is a work project I can no post it on a forum.


You could send it privately. I won’t share it wither anyone else. If it’s too large to upload, upload to Drop Box and share the link via a private message.


I wrote you a PM.


I saw it. See my post, above.