[Extension][$] ColorHex (1.0.0)

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Finally, we can paint using #Hex values inside SketchUp!

ColorHex v1.0.0 by Rafael Rivera

ColorHex provides a set of tools that are useful for painting your 3d models with #Hex color values.

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Tools Overview:

Hex Brush Tool

Paint faces with #hex color values. You can click & drag the mouse to continuously lay paint to the SketchUp model.
  • Press the ‘Alt key’ to toggle the Hex Sample Tool.
  • Press the ‘Shift key’ to quickly access Hex Input Tool.

Hex Brush Tool

Pick the color values of faces to paint with.

Hex Input Tool

Allows you to enter a #hex color value to paint.

Hex Input Tool

Selects connected faces with the same color.

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