[Extension] FredoTools::ColorPaint - Configurable Color Selector

ColorPaint is a standalone script (for SU2016 and above) which is part of FredoTools. It implements a configurable Color Selector, independent from models and persistent across SketchUp sessions and SketchUp versions.

ColorPaint includes a large range of color palettes to which you can add your own.


ColorPaint is part of FredoTools, which is distributed on Sketchucation. More info here.

ColorPaint is available for Sketchup 2016 and above.

Here are 2 videos explaining how ColorPaint works.


This looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it. Is it technically possible to include textures in the same interface?

This is feasible technically.

However, ColorPaint is a by-product of a requirement I had for other plugins to have a configurable color selector. It’s not really designed as an alternate Material browser per se, which I guess is Ok for most users in the native version of SketchUp.

Do you have particular features in mind?

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Looks great. Looks to be able to find a colour match for commercial paints to more easily configure colours for client (wife) in planning renovation spaces.


I had hoped it would go some way to becoming a work around for this issue which I posted about a month or so ago…