Adding a color modified texture to a custom materials list on Mac

Please, somebody tell me I’m doing something wrong.

The problem in Summary:

When I add a texture whose base color has previously been modified to my own user specified materials list, shutting down and re-opening SketchUp will cause the texture to revert back to the original base color of the texture image file. That is, the color modification is lost.

The Long version:

Let’s say ‘Material_01’ is a seamless ‘egg shell’ style texture that I have brought into SketchUp via the usual means. I have been using this material for years by simply ‘eye dropping’ it from old model to new model. Clunky but effective, I know.

At some point I must have edited the base colour of this material via the method in @TheOnlyAaron ’s skill builder video. That is, ‘Material_01’ is several shades darker than the original imported JPG texture image.

As per @DaveR ’s instructions in this thread, I was investigating creating my own user list of materials so I could collate all my frequently used materials into my own list in the materials browser. The idea being that this is far more elegant than ‘eye dropping’ a material from old model to new model.

A summary for those who don’t want to skim the thread;

  1. Select ‘new…’ From the ‘list’ drop down menu in the materials browser.
  2. specify a name for the new materials list. I called mine ‘my textures’ (the default).
  3. select the ‘in model’ materials from the list in the materials browser.
  4. drag ‘Material_01’ to the ‘pallet’ at the bottom of the materials browser.
  5. select the freshly created ‘my textures’ from the list In the materials browser.
  6. drag ‘Material_01’ from the pallet into ‘my textures’ list.

‘Material_01’ is now living in the ‘my textures’ list. Hooray!
It exists there with the modified shade I spoke of earlier so long as I don’t shut down SketchUp and then re-open the program. Once I re-open S.U, ‘Material_01’ can still be found in ‘my textures’ but its color has reverted to that of the unmodified original texture image. Needless to say, I cannot work with this!

I suspect the explanation may have something to do with @Aerilius comment in this thread?

Can anyone else replicate this on their Mac system? I would like to know If I can expect this to work as it should with out using an external image editor.

Many thanks!

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@Matt Didn’t you and I talk about this issue a few years back? Or was that someone else?

I have posted on this topic before with gif’s, but can’t find atm…

there is a bug reading the skm file as the modified materials thumbnail and the colourisation text changes both get updated, but SU ignores them when reopened…


@Katya Hmmm. Not ringing a bell.

Hi Guys, thanks for your help on this. At least I’m not going to burn any more time trying to make it work.

I thought I should post an update on this.

I went down the path of using Photoshop to edit the base colors of my S.U. textures. I would do this and then import the edited image into S.U. as a new texture, adding it to my custom list. However, I have found, for instance, that a 15% black adjustment of a given texture image in Photoshop using the brightness slider gives a very different result to a 15% black adjustment using the brightness slider in the materials editor in SU. I’m sure this can be put down to my intermediate competency in Photoshop (I last used Photoshop at University in 1998!), but I find it hard to approximate the texture colors I produced in S.U.

So, I have resorted, simply, to taking screen shots of my color edited textures straight from SketchUp, pasting the image into Photoshop, cropping and saving as a new image file. I then import this new file into SketchUp as a texture in the materials browser. So far I have no visible resolution issues that I can see.

This dirty work around is rubbing me up the wrong way. I cannot believe there exists a bug essentially preventing a Mac user from making a custom texture library of his/her own SketchUp modified materials. :confounded: