A way to get hex codes from colors in a model

Anyone else want a way to get the hex code from a color in a model?

I often use sketchup along with adobe or other design programs, and would like to be able to get the hex code of a color that I pick from the color wheel or sliders in sketchup so that I can match them in whichever other program I’m using. Currently I take a screenshot of the color and enter it into an online hex code finder. Works, but it’s a pain.

Apologies if this exists. If so, I couldn’t figure it out.

On Mac, in the Colors palette you can choose the sliders, and RGB, then use the eyedropper in the lower left of the palette to pick up any screen color. In this example you can see that Heather’s face is #FFB990, which you can copy and paste into Photoshop.

The color may not look exactly the same, because of the direction of the lighting in SketchUp.

Sorry about the non-English, I was doing a test in Italian at the time!

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Ah! Gotcha. Thanks so much, you’ve made my day!

In addition, in general, outside of any app, you have one in mac os :

Go to applications / utilities and you’ll find that one, the orange one with the eydrop. (colour picker? don’t know the english name)

Capture d’écran 2023-03-07 à 00.02.22

It’ll analyse a pixel (or more) and give you the rgb code in several possible modes (adobe rgb, native…)

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hex code is just RGB translated to hexadecimal. simply asking “rgb to hex” in google will give you their tool in the result.

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Interesting. Digital Color Meter. I see it’s on my Sierra (10.12.6) machine, so I’m not sure how long it’s been around. At least it acknowledges that color numbers are relative to a color space and gives you a choice. Since SketchUp isn’t a color managed app like Adobe ones, I’ve always wondered what the effective color space is. sRGB? My monitor RGB?

This app in utilities is called Colorimètre numérique in French.

If you ask for RGB values, you pull down the Presentation menu → Show values → Hexadecimal.

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It was always there (Tiger, Leopard) accessible via Apple script at first, since Sierra as a native app with it’s own icon, I think.

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I’ve been using it at least since 2007, when I started studying. at the time it was very useful, didn’t need to start any complex software (hi photoshop) to pick a colour in a photo.

Didn’t know the trick for hexa, never really had the use for it, but it’s good to know !

for Windows and Linux - IrfanView is a lightweight and excellent tool for basic image manipulations on a single layer (for more in-depth edits - GIMP) and by setting the colors to 256 (or 16) on a given image, you can export the palette or simple edit to get the details values. 24-bit color has no specific “palette”. it’s free and has a number of specific plugins as well as some compatibility with PS plugins.

Oh neat! At least on my machine digital color meter>view>display values gives the option to display as hex directly. No google needed.
That’s gonna save me a ton of time! Thanks so much!