Colour editing with RGB slider

A colour opened for editing with the RGB slider is changed to the previously edited colour when the ‘Hex Colour #’ box is selected:

I am creating a colour palette using hex RGB codes. I can paste the required hex code into ‘Hex Colour #’ box in the ‘RGB Sliders’ tab of the ‘Edit Materials’ dialog of the ‘Colors’ window, and the selected colour in the model is updated when I hit . If I then select a different material for editing the ‘Hex Colour #’ (initially) shows the hex code of the selected colour. However, if I then click in the ‘Hex Colour #’ box it changes to the previously-pasted hex code, and the current colour in the model is changes to the same as the previously edited colour.

This can be undone with ‘Undo’, but only if I spot the change and correct it. It appears to be a defect with the Edit Materials dialog.