Annoying Material Colour Bug

Hello. I’ve been coming across this issue for years. Please have a look at the following video on YouTube. I couldn’t upload it directly onto the Forum as it kept reuploading. I don’t understand what causes this and it’s very annoying, since it’s a nightmare getting the exact values I need. Has this been addressed before?

Also, a suggestion to the developers. Currently manually editing the RGB (or any other) values immediately changes the colours. If I have to type ‘175’ for example, as soon as I write ‘1’, the R value jumps to that, then to 17, and then to 175. It would be great if the changes were applied only after the Enter or Tab keys were pressed. As you can see in the video, the program works 3 times harder, analyzing every written value by immediately changing them. And please, do something about this abrupt colour randomization. Thanks.