Edited materials "re-edit" themselves

I’m adjusting the colors of several materials using the program’s material editor. I created several textures in photoshop, but they seem to need a little tweaking for rendering.

When I edit the HSB of one, then select a second material to edit, then go back to double check the first, I find that it has different numbers than I changed it to. (and different numbers than I changed it FROM so it’s not resetting to it’s default).
So I change it and double check the second, only to find that it too has changed!

Sometimes it’s just a single number higher or lower than what I changed it to, but sometimes it’s way different.


Could it be that you use the mouse wheel to zoom but still have the material editing open and focused? At least that has happened to me a few times and I’ve now started to switch back to material selection and out of material editing as soon as I’ve modified the material.

After noticing it a few times, I’ve been very conscious about making sure I’m not doing anything extraneous. It happens when I’m literally just editing the numbers, just clicking the “select” tab, and immediately clicking the “edit” tab again for the same material.

But I know what you mean about screwing things up when the editing palette is still in focus… a material suddenly turns black because it now has a half dozen letter a’s in one of the boxes and you can’t figure out why you can’t get invoke the selection arrow!

When it changes by just one it could be because of rounding when converting between HSB and RGB colors. I would assume the RGB values are the one that are stored internally. When it comes to bigger changes than one I don’t know what it could be.

Have you tried editing the colors externally? Do they get “auto-modified” then?