SketchUp 2024 can't edit materials

All my software is up to date. Mac OS and Sketchup.

I used to double click on a material, and am able to change the color or opacity. When I double click on a material now, nothing seems to change when trying to edit the material. Anyone else has this problem?


You are referring to double clicking on a swatch inside the material picker? This works as expected for me in SU24, however I’m on M1 and we have seen some specific graphics troubles with M3. What happens if you right click on a material swatch, does “remove” “edit” “duplicate” appear? Can you select edit? This should be the same as double clicking, does it work for you?

To double check, you are editing a material that is present in your model yes? Otherwise there will be no realtime change.

Here is a short clip that shows the problem:

Hmmm… upload that exact file into a response window and I’ll try with 24 and an M1, we can confirm if this is another M3 graphics problem.

Here you go. But I am working on the M2:
MaterialTest.skp (312.5 KB)

Works fine for me. I see in your video that you are editing the texture in SY-wallpaper. This is trying to edit the original unseen texture file that is not in your model space. Try choosing the colors in model at the top (the house icon) and trying again.


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That did the Trick!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to figure this out.

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For your interest, editing the color of a material while it was in its original collection, did appear to work in 2023 and earlier. But, the change was not saved. In 2024 it no longer leads you to believe that you’re achieving anything.

The work around, as endless fix showed, is to only edit the color once the materials is in the In Model set.

When was this introduced, than? I am pretty sure it was always so that you could only edit the colors in the ‘in model’ collection.

It was never introduced, and only appeared to be doing something in 2023 and earlier. You could paint something with the apparently changed materials, and then it was in the in model set, and would be remembered. But the original material in the collection was not changed.

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But when was it introduced, because it was not in 2019, I seem to remember.