Material problem sketchup


I’m having issues with my materials in sketchup. I put basic colors on my model to make it easy to change the colors later in Vray materials. for example I paint all the walls red, all the windows blue etc. But my sketchup keeps adding 10000 of red and 1000 of blue while it’s just the same evrytime I paint a new face it makes a New color…
It makes it very hard to change everyting in Vray after that …

I just want sketchup to keep ONE red color, ONE orange, ONE blue , etccc
I tried purging my model to delete the unused colors etcc but it doesn’t delete anything ! my models sees every color as a different one… never had that issue before :frowning:
thank you for your help

This bug used to be transparent colors, only and was fixed.
Perhaps it is back in another form…
Have you got other extensions running?

Depending on your modeling style, you might wanna use Tags for applying textures with V-Ray (rightclick: apply to layer) and forget about the color panel.

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The old problem would add one duplicate of the transparent material. If it is adding 10,000 extra red colors, that’s something new.

I see 28 light red and six red in the uploaded pic, maybe 10.000 was exagarated?

Which version V-Ray are you using? Chaos Group was supposed to fix this, among other issues, with their recent Update 2 release.

It’s not fixed (For me) under update 2 - I was actually experiencing that today (the transparent version)

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Good to know as usually we recommend that users update to latest version first… but if that doesn’t solve the issue we’ll look into other ideas as I’m sure this question/problem will come up again

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because I’m not even done painting my whole projects… every time a click a new face it adds a color…

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I found a solution for now on, I just make sure everytime I paint a new face to select the color I wanna use. I have to do it over and over again but it works. It doesn’t create a new one when I do it like that . But I hope they will fix this problem …

For me it happened with most colors, and still does. I don’t know if it was fixed or even addressed.

It’s happened to me since 2014 and I’ve never used Vray. It’s a color picker issue (Mac) in sketchup and it’s isolated to sketchup software.