Vray dull translucent material changing magically when applied

Hi there,

I experience a really weird phenomenon.

I try to apply “Plastic_Translucent_01_White” to a surface inside a component.
The moment I click with the “paint tool” there appears a new Material named “Material1” (next try it is “Material2” ans os on) - and the new materials have different properties

Reflection IOR is then turned off and Refraction Glossiness jumps back to “1” - if a adjust it back again it is shown properly in the interactive render - but I can not paint the material to any other surface without experience the same problem again.

Does anyone know the problem?

Thank you

This is a known issue, extensions and saving the file, triggers the ‘duplicate material bug’ on Mac. This has been discussed intensively, because it was not clear what actually caused it (extension?,SketchUp?)
The Team is now aware what actually caused it and working on it, let’s hope for a Maintenance release before X-mas, it will be a nice surprise! (there have been three maintenance releases and one major version this year, all ready)

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Oh thank you! I couldn’t find the thread - probably because I am a n00b around here.
Any work arounds? where can I find the thread?

oh, I found the thread and it is quite emotional… lets hope for some fix

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The Material Consolidator Plugin is helpful.