BUG: sketchup create new material for each dim/text label

Hello everyone!
i encounterd a small but irritating bug in sketchup:

every time i add a dimension or a text label, sketchup create a new material.
I’m doing some woodworking atm, and i get like 200+ materials…

By default, sketchup use to set the default material for the dimension/text, but for some reason here, it create a new one every time.

Anyone on that? thanks a lot!

PS: i don’t have the time to reinstall everything for now, deadline time!

small edit: i tried with the defaault sketchup type model, same problem

I’ve never seen this reported before. Is it possible you have some extension causing this? What name do these colors get?

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I’m using the french version, but basicaly:

You can rightclick on the material in the material panel (In model collection) and choose ‘Save As’

Share the .skm or the whole file, for that matter, here, for someone to look at!

Mike,the problem here is sketchup creating those materials.

Here is a sample file, same problem: 0 material at the begining and then i added 2 dim and one label … and here we go :confused:

material bug.skp (1.0 MB)

From looking at the document.xml file, it appears that Vray is doing this. We’ve seen similar reports of this on Mac.

Disable Vray and see if the problem continues.

Interesting to compare what should be the same material.

On mine without Vray, the file Document.xml for the material created when I add a dimension looks like this:


The same XML file for the material from your model:

Vray is adding all that extra stuff.

Oh it could be it. I’ll have to wait though, i’ve got some renders to do for this week.
I have to upgrade vray too next week, hopefully everything will get back at this moment.

I’ll keep you in touch,
thank a lot!

At least you can call this a Vray bug, not a SketchUp bug.

To V-Ray Next?
The problem is still there.
I am not on a Mac, right now, so I cannot test this, but can you set the colour of the text and dimension to the Default colour ?(in the Model Info panel)
Open A new file, delete all contents, Purge unused (also in the Model Info->Statistics) and try changing the font colours…
check what happens if you add a label (or dimension)

Otherwise, you need to have another extension to merge duplicate colours…

It’s an extension. I don’t remember the name but I wanted to pull my hair out. The description of the extension is misleading