Auto Material on Faces Sketchup 2021 - HELP!

I’m having an issue when modeling in the latest version of sketchup Pro 2021 where when I create a new face in the model it automatically filles with a colour in the material pallette. There is range from a variety of brightly coloured materials created all with the name “< auto >01”, “< auto >02”, “< auto >03” and so on. I haven’t had this issue in previous versions of the software and wanting to know if this is a new defualt I need to turn off. It’s becoming quiet annoying as I’m working in the model.

Can’t seem to find an answer to this issue anywhere, I’m sure I just need to untick a box somewhere!


Sounds like you have some extension running that is doing this. Have you installed any new extensions recently?

Hi Dave R,
I have Vray installed but have had this on other versions? Are you famillar with this and any issues that it could be causing with creating new materials?

I don’t remember if it was associated with V-ray but I have seen this before. It may be that V-ray is the culprint. You could temporarily disabled it and see if you stop getting the Auto materials.