RGB Slider is Locked


The RGB Slider is Locked. Can’t type in a Hex Color #. I was able to before. What did I do to cause this?


RGB slider where?



What are you trying to edit? A color in a library or in the model?


I’m trying to apply a specific RGB color to the exterior of a building. I work for an exterior colorist and I just need to apply the color palette she decided upon. We get these files from an architect and I need to manipulate them.


So you’re trying to edit an existing color?


What I want to do is select a section of a wall. Double click the paint bucket to open the materials window, click the RBG slider tab, enter my Hex Color # that I have from a photoshop file and then apply that color to the wall. It appears I can’t do it that way in SketchUp?


Hmmm… I just got out my Mac and gave it a shot. I didn’t have any problem overtpying the existing hex number for the color and changing it.


I didn’t have problems before either but now something has changed and I can’t figure it out. I tried closing the file and not saving it but no luck.


Did you have some color initially selected? Maybe try that.


I can also type hex color values directly, as well as move the RGB sliders. I don’t know why that would stop working. Do you get the “spinning beachball”, or does the Materials window simply ignore your inputs?

I’d suggest that you save your model, quit SketchUp, then restart SU open on the model. Please let us know if that gets the editor unstuck.


I didn’t shut down SU but it started working agin anyways, not sure why. I wish I did incase it happens again. Oh well, at least it is working again. Thanks of the input.


You can only edit a material that is saved into the In Model materials library, not the predetermined ones in the various external material libraries. In the screenshot you posted, the material you are trying to edit is apparently in the Colors library. You will have to paint something in your model with it first (if the Mac version doesn’t work differently from the PC one in this respect)



Okay, thanks!


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