[Extension][$] Face Director v1.0.0

Face Director- Fix Reversed Faces


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This SketchUp Extension will reverse back faces according to the camera’s view.


Inside SketchUp, select Plugins ➜ MiSU Tools ➜ Face Director

Installing on SketchUp 2017 & 2018

Inside SketchUp, select Window ➜ Extension Manager (Microsoft Windows) or SketchUp ➜ Extension Manager (Mac OS X), then click ➜ Install Extension and select the RBZ file you just downloaded. Voila! SketchUp installs the extension.

Installing on SketchUp 2016 & Below

Inside SketchUp, select Window ➜ Preferences (Windows) or SketchUp ➜ Preferences (Mac OS X) ➜ Extensions ➜ Install Extension and select the RBZ file you just downloaded. Voila! SketchUp installs the extension.

More Extensions by RafaelRivera…

Nice icons, very clear!

how does it differ from the free Automatic Face Reverser

does it reverse any ‘materials’ assigned to the wrong ‘side’


I remain unconvinced that this is a worthwhile extension, given that the native SU function easily performs the same task of reversing faces and orienting faces. Unfortunately, this thread appears to be spam intended to drive users to an unnecessary purchase.


I created this Extension in response to a problem discussed in this topic…


In some scenarios the default ‘Orient Faces’ tool native to SketchUp doesn’t work, and this extension will try to make it easier to solve. For Example the model above won’t work with default ‘Orient Faces’ tool and I am demonstrating how to use ‘Face Director’ to fix it.

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@MiSU aka renderiza,

you should be using SU Pro to create your commercial extensions…



I just tried ‘Automatic Face Reverser’ and you’re right it’s similar, but I was not aware of it at the time of publishing this plugin. There are lots of extensions which I’m unaware, but this is still my version of solving this face reverse issue. I don’t see anything wrong with having multiple developers tackling the same problems.

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Without having tried this plugin and knowing much about it, I’d just like to say that it can be really hard as a developer to know what has already been made. Sometimes you find someone else has done the same plugin.

There have been several free face-reverser tool available for some years.
Some might need an up date…


Some work differently, but effectively, while some work almost identically to this new $$ one.

There are also free face-reverser-texture-flipper tools available e.g.

SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

I suggest you concentrate on creating new ideas, or at least improving existing ones [with credits] - of course there is nothing wrong with charging money for your tools, provided that they are ‘original’ code.

I think your one has a cool name.

The extension is now FREE or Pay What You Want.

I’ll try to develop better tools in the future.


Note: Changed My mind on making my work free


TIG you mentioned that there have been several ‘Free’ face reverser and that some need an update.

I ask myself if the reason these tools have not been updated is for lack of incentive towards the developer?

I myself have provided lots of free extensions and since 2013 they have not seen any updates at all. I want to keep improving my tools so I’ll charge a small fee to justify spending time on them.

With more user feedback I can add more features and make it better than other similar extensions, but again my time has a value.



Many free plugins are relatively simple and so often they need no updating to run on newer versions.
However, unless developers are informed of issues they are unlikely to ‘fix’ them.
The biggest issue comes from the new process of ‘signing’ extensions for use in newer versions, but only an issue if the user’s Extension Loading Policy is not set to be Unrestricted.
This signing puts an unnecessary burden on developers, who have to get their free RBZs re-signed etc for no reward, even if they have not had to revise any code.
Even SketchUp’s own thomthom has ‘unsigned’ tools…

Personally I write ‘free’ extensions, available from the SketchUcation PluginStore - there is a Donation button when a user can pay a modest reward via PayPal should they find it useful.
I have just one paid Extension in the SCF Shop.
However, I have written many complex SketchUp based toolsets for companies all over the world, where I agree a reasonable fee beforehand, and this helps cover the ‘costs’ of making and updating the ‘free’ stuff.

13.50 for this plugin?.. after reading the comments, it’s hard to imagine paying for this with so many other options available. Is it free as you suggested above or haven’t changed the price here? https://sellfy.com/p/8JoT/

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Well, it’s is actually $15 but this week there is a 10% discount on all my Extensions. Below you’ll find a way to get a %50 discount code for FaceDirector…

I believe FaceDirector to be better than other similar tools… I myself use FaceDirector on a daily basis because I can activate the plugin as quick as possible with a single click.

Most of the other similar extensions don’t even offer a quick toolbar shortcut with an icon and instead make you right-click to find the tool in a long list which is difficult…To then having more extra options to choose from… To finally getting it to work. I don’t know about you but I sure can’t use it and I think that is why you are here and not enjoying the “Free” alternatives.


Thanks for the clarification.

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