Example workflows using Export to SketchUp from LayOut?


Ruby has the capability to read LayOut documents from inside SketchUp. See here https://ruby.sketchup.com/Layout.html


Thanks Matt. This is over my head. I don’t equate coding to clicking on an export to button. I’m an end user and I’m a ok with that. So I may find the previously mentioned function useful for passing some simple 2D geometry to SU. I also think this may be the first step in making the channel between LO and SU more of a two way street.


Personally I think this has a lot of potential as it gives people unfamiliar with traditional 2d cad and vector software a way of working in 2d with an easy move into 3d.
There are regular questions on the various forums about how to draw floorplans and such that can be problematic in sketchup itself. How to keep things planar. Why don’t faces form etc…
I can see a whole new bunch of people sketching out their ideas in layout and then easily translating that into 3d. Not everyone thinks in 3d.


I agree w @Box, from my experiences the world is populated by a great number of people who are more comfortable thinking/working in 2D v 3D.

The development goal of creating an actively linked “View Page” of LO in SU, combined w a robust 2D tool set in LO, IMHO, is a worthy Trimble objective that can grow the user base, and be of benefit to all of us.


Hi @Charlie_v I hope this will answer your question:
In LayOut
Exporting with the ‘Export as Native DWG/DXF Entities’ we convert Arcs and Circles to true Arcs and Circles in the export. If a series of Arcs are joined (or using the freehand tool) in LayOut then we export those as splines. When ‘Ignore fills’ is unchecked fills are exported as regions.

In SketchUp:
When you Export 3D Model… we export Arcs and Circles as true Arcs and Circles. When a face is present a polyface mesh is exported

When you Export 2D Graphic only line or polyline segments are exported.



Hi @duanekemp, regarding the work on Importers/Exporters I personally conducted interviews with approximately 50 working professionals (Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Architects/Designers) using SketchUp and LayOut to produce construction documents at the same time working with consultants. The take away from these interviews was a matrix identifying pain points and hurdles users have preventing productivity and interoperability. We then had to ask ourselves what can we accomplish and what will provide the most value now and for the future with the time that we have.

Please know these features/improvements were not a result of any one isolated ‘squeak’.



So we have the ability to have true Arcs and Circles, just Export a 3D model! That will be a big help when we go from SketchUp to CAM.
That makes 2019 a very big improvement for my work flow to the CNC.
Thanks Trent for the clarification. Need to download 2019.


Yes this answers my questions perfectly.
Thanks for separating the answers specific to LO/SU



Trent is right on the mark, but to help provide context, here is a small selection of the threads from the past two years that provide some additional context. There may be more, I just did a cursory search.


Trent and Marc,
Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.