Empty Layer name on Mac

On Mac, You can (accidentaly) create Layers that are empty by tapping spacebar and clicking outside or hitting Enter.
These empty Layers can create huge problems with .dwg export (SketchUp quits without bugsplat)

Have you tried purging?

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You can also get non-empty layers with blank names, and layers whose names are other shortcut keys. We’ve complained for years about how the Mac SketchUp GUI leaves an entry field focused and all selected after you hit enter, but to no avail. Usually it’s just a nuisance, but a crash elevates it to a bug!


The created Layer is activated as well, so by the time you’ll notice, it’s not empty anymore…

Yes, I meant the blank names, I knew about the p, m and c named layers. I just didn’t knew about the toolbar layer-panel creating blank names, for it is not possible in the floating Layer-Panel (You get prompted that a layer name cannot be blank)

I recently found a file of mine with a blank layer name. You’re left wondering what is/was on that layer. I wish there were better debugging tools for layers.

Happens to me. Sloppy I guess. But I don’t use the toolbar layer panel. It could be from within the entity window.

I have just got used to deleting it and having the contents go to default layer. No problem with that so far. Good to know it might be the cause of crashes, at least to watch out for that.