Layer management fail on sketchup for mac


If I want to change the layer of an object or geometry in SU for windows, I can simply select the layer from the layer toolbar. I can also reference this display when I want to see what layer a selection is on, or what the current layer is if nothing is selected - perfect.

On the Mac, for as long as I can remember, the only function this tool is capable of is setting the current layer, which is frustrating on so many levels. First, best practice is to always have the current layer set to layer0, so this is a function I rarely need, and it’s easier to just use the radio buttons in the layer window for this anyway. Second, this means the only way to change the layer of a selection, or see the layer of a selection, is to use the entity info window, which only displays 5 layers without having to scroll. The worst part of this, however, is that once you do select a layer to put the selection on, it makes editing the layer name live?! And if you’re not cognizant of this you’re going to be renaming the layer while trying to use a shortcut (no keyboard command will get you out of this mode), so I’ve got to click in my scene, losing my selection, or hit some random tool from the tool bar just to finish this process. Lastly, leaving the entity window open is not only distracting, as it need to constantly populate with the current selection properties, but it slows down sketchup for the very same reason!

Am I the only person who uses layers on a Mac? I just can’t see how this continues to go unnoticed by the UI team.


I use layers regularly and I guess I have somehow trained myself to deal with these peculiarities, but I agree with you completely. In fact, it’s even worse: when you select a layer to assign in the Entity Info box and then type a shortcut key, it creates a new layer whose name is that key! There are other places, such as the scene manager window that have similar quirks about whether or not you have to hit enter to make a change “stick”. I can’t recall how many times I have created a layer named “q” or a scene with a blank name.


I’ve noticed that as well. thanks for responding, at least I know I’m not the only one that this is driving nuts. it’s bad enough that I consider it a bug - maybe if enough of us complain they’ll fix it.


I’m with you on this, the layer management drives me mad. ALSO, is there anyway of making the layer select dropdown in the Entity Info a longer list - It maddeningly only shows 5 entries even if you enlarge the Entity info floating pane. When you have lots of layers, assigning geometry to a certain layer is so long winded as you have to scroll all the way through the list each time through a visible slot of 5 entries.


It’s been a long time since the SketchUp GUI on Mac has gotten any love. Complaints about this and a boatload of other annoyances (some of which would be trivial to fix) fall on deaf ears!


Now on April 2017, this behavoir is still in the actual SU2017 version.
I cant understand why the dropdown is so short.
It would be great to get a fix for that. please don’t forget mac users.
Another good thing would be a search field to filter the layer. or a foldersystem for better layer organisation.

Thanks for reading this an keep the mac users in mind!


I’ve lost the full entity pane – I clicked on something in it – and I can’t get it back; just the top-most portion shows, at best. I want to change back the colors of edges from “by axis” to “all the same.” Any ideas ? I have a Mac with the latest OS. Thanks !


are found in the Styles >> In Model >> Edit window…



Thank you, John. Ask the right question, and I get the right answer !