Inadvertently creating layers with Entity Info box


I like to keep the Entity Info box open while I work, but I keep creating layers when after selecting a group or entity to edit and then using a keyboard shortcut, the keyboard shortcut “r” (for rectangle) becomes the name of a new layer and the entity selected ends up on that new layer. As the entity is selected, somehow the “Layer” is selected and the keystroke for the shortcut replaces the name of the layer in the Entity Info box. This does not always happen and I cannot figure out what is causing this or what I might be doing. For now, I have resorted to closing the Entity Info box and this avoids placing random entities on new cryptic, rogue layers.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


if you use ‘Entity Info’ to add the new ‘Layer’ you have to click back into the model view to change the focus…

hitting return doesn’t do that…



I am not sure I understand your response.
This happens to me and then I notice it later after it has happened. I see a few single letter layers that have entities on them. It is a pain to correct as I intend for all my new entities to go on layer 0. But some groups that have been placed on designated layers are being changed too. I wish I new what behavior I am doing that needs to change.


there are two ways to add Layer names on a mac, in ‘Entity Info’ or in ‘Layers’ panel…
I was reporting a known issue with using ‘Entity Info’ to add new layer names…

if that’s not your issue, how are you adding new Layer names normally?



I use the plus symbol from the Layer box


If you have a skp file or case when this occurs it may help to post it here in.
Have you checked the short cut key to make sure it ahs not been reassigned to different function or maybe you have bad key, try changing to another unused one, try resetting work space , just some SWAGs


@4hotshoez I just checked this, and it sounds like the most likely scenario. I was able to replicate your issue by changing the layer in the entity info dialog =>then pressing “r” to switch tools=> clicking on the drawing to draw the rectangle=> realizing it wasn’t working=> pressing “r” again.

What happens is after changing the layer in the entity info box, if you just hit a shortcut, your layer is still selected in the entity info dialog. The click to draw changes the focus back to the model window. When you press the shortcut again, since the focus is now in the model window, it changes the tool like you would expect.

If this isn’t why it’s happening, please give us some more information. I hope this helps.


there is also a third that I avoid like the plague…
If you use the Layers ‘box’ in your ‘Custom Toolbar’ and it has ‘focus’ it not only adds new Layer, but switches the ‘Active Layer’…
It’s also very hard to escape from, and can keep adding/changing layers, without you noticing…

If you have that, remove it now…

also, do you have any ‘Layer’ extensions/plugins active?



I do not use the Layers box in the custom toolbar as the current layer is always set to “Layer 0”. BTW, I wish SU would just call it “0” so it would stay at the top of the list.


This may be it. I will try to emulate this scenario.