Assigning Layers in Entity Info

I routinely experience an irritating issue when assigning an object to a layer. My workflow is to create geometry, triple-click, add texture if needed, group it and assign group to a layer in Entity Info. AFTER I choose the layer from the drop-down, I habitually will enter a keyboard command, like Move , or other keyboard shortcut and the Layer assigned will change to whatever alphabetically is first (like Main Floor). If this goes unnoticed, it can really be a pain. Seems to me as though picking a layer from the drop-down should lock it in unless I choose a different layer from drop-down. Has anyone else experienced this? I would like to know the reason why it should not lock in selection.

If you are seeing this on a Mac, it is a known issue with the handling of entry fields in several of the UI dialogs. The focus remains in the field after you hit return and your prior entry stays highlighted, so whatever you type next overwrites what you entered before. You must click somewhere else to move the focus before pressing any other keys. Very annoying but has remained unfixed for years.

I don’t think Windows also has this issue so if that’s what you are running I have no answer.

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On Windows, if the Layer field has focus and you type a letter that matches the first letter of a layer name, it will switch to that layer. Could be a useful feature when you have a long list of layers and you know you want to assign the Main layer. Click on the field and type m If you have more than one layer starting with M keep hitting it until you see the one you want.

It can be frustrating but you have to bring the focus back to the model window. I run into a similar thing when I edit the radius or number of sides on a circle and then hit P for Push//Pull and end up with a p after the radius, instead.

Not sure of a solution other than changing workflow and expectations.

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At least on windows, when using the layers toolbar to assign layers, the layers toolbar is deactivated back to the current layer when I hit M or T (I made corresponding layer names to suit)


Trimble, I believe, could address this with a solution in a future version perhaps.

I am on Windows and yes, I have to de-select the new group or otherwise halt the command. I am used to it but when I am really focused and rushed it is annoying. Still love SU though!

Thanks Dave, not sure of solution either

There needs to be some indication that the user is finished with the field before SketchUp can change the focus.

@jgbrock1, I think that as far as Layers are concerned, maybe Ian’s suggestion of assigning them in the Layers toolbar is the fix for that one. I don’t have that one displayed and have no room for it so I’ll stick to improving my workflow.

Thanks Ian, you know I have never used the Layers toolbar (I try to keep toolbars to a minimum on my screen), but that did work. Now to teach an old dog new tricks! :slight_smile: Thanks!

@DaveR, I agree, just tested (and thanked Ian) and that did work, but I keep my toolbars to a minimum as well. Might give it a go!

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I appreciate for layers it’s a workaround solution. But beware several of the other windows (including renaming component definition names) will stick active in the window after you’ve changed them.

To avoid a mess you’ll probably have to change habits anyway. Clicking in an empty area of model space deactivates the active fields for me…

Agreed, I do, generally, click in empty space afterwards, but when I am rushing I often make the mistake.

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” :smiley:

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