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Hi, I’m architect. I use a lot o layers, sometimes different according to the project.

I draw in Layer 0. Then I make a group. And when I want to pass this group to a layer the list of layers visible in the “Entity information” panel is very small. It takes a lot to do a simple task.

Maybe a bigger listing would suffice. Or with the option “move to the layer …” that exists in Layout

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Did you know that you can open the drop down list in Entity Info and start typing the name of the layer you want? That will help to narrow zoom in on the correct layer. When it is highlighted, hit Enter.

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Your profile says you are on a Mac. On Mac (I don’t know about Windows) you can type the name of a new layer in the Entity Info list, and SketchUp will create a new layer with that name and associate the selected Entity (or Entities) with it! Just be careful to click somewhere outside the list after you type, as hitting enter leaves the focus on the entry field and the next thing you type (typically a shortcut key) will overwrite the new layer’s name (a well-known issue with many text entry fields on Mac SketchUp).

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DaveR and sibaumgartner, Thanks! Those tips will make me go a little faster. In any case a larger visible list would be ideal!

Thanks again to the Sages for their information concerning the advanced uses of the Entity Info panel. I’m especially relieved to know that problems with the text entry fields on my Mac are “well known” and not limited to just my Mac. Misery loves company :wink:.

Javier, I think your approach to Layer management will be greatly improved, as mine has been, with the recently released replacement of the unsupported Layers Panel extension; Layers Organizer, on the Extension Warehouse

Hi! I have found Layers Panel (not supported anymore) but anything more…

Layers Organiser is mentioned in the last line in the post above yours…


Here is the website for the developer of Layers Organizer as well as two other extensions that might be of interest.


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