Layer names via Entity Info in the Default Tray

is not letting me name layers or is it letting me make another group

You don’t do either of those things in Entity Info. You create new layers in the Layers panel and you make groups by selecting entities, right clicking and choosing Make Group.

You can then select a layer from the drop-down list in Entity Info for the selected group(s)/component (s) and you can add or edit the name of the a selected group or component there.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using. There is no 2020 version yet.

On Mac you can change the layer name text in entity info, and it will create that layer if it doesn’t already exist. Doesn’t seem to work on Windows though. Perhaps siattc previously used the Mac version.

Yes, Colin, I know that but since the OP’s profile indicates he’s using SketchUp oin Windows, I only addressed the Windows version.

I think the real problem is the difference between the tutorial’s “Entity Info” in the default tray and the “Entity Info” on my screen. I just purchased SketchUp Pro 2019 and am learning it.

As @DaveR says there are a few differences between MAC and Windows versions, without the exact tutorial you refer to we can’t be sure.
Perhaps the tutorial was using a MAC ?
On Windows you have to use the Layer dialog [from within the tray] to add and rename Layers etc.
On MAC you can also add new Layers in Entity Info…

Another thing to watch for is there are considerable differences in the Materials dialogs on the two OSs…

I am using windows. The tutorial is showing Windows & MAC. The tutorial is using a different version of the Entity Tray Group Info plus I cannot change “Layer0” to rename it.

You cannot rename “Layer0”, it is the default-layer [effectively it’s ‘no-layer’ !] - it’s the same in all versions and OSs - it has never been editable.

On Windows you cannot add a Layer in Entity Info - you must use the Layers dialog…
You can reassign selected objects to another layer using the dropdown layer-list in Entity Info, but on Windows you need to make the desired layer in the Layers dialog before it appears in Entity Info’s list of layers…

Thanks for your help:)