Pro 2021 layers under window is missing


I am brand new to SketchUp Pro and I can’t find my Layers under Window.
Also my entity info is empty.


Layers were changed to Tags several versions back. Look for that.

Entity Info will be blank unless you have something selected.

Are you using Windows? If so, make sure you installed SketchUp correctly. That involves right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator. If you didn’t do that, close SketchUp and do it now. Then choose the Repair option.

If you’re brand new to Sketchup, why would you expect to find Layers? They don’t exist any longer except in Layout. See previous post.

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Thank you!

If you mean that Entity Info is completely empty, try collapsing and then expanding that panel in your tray. If it’s still completely blank, go to Window, Preferences, Workspace, and click the Reset Workspace button.

My entity info is completely empty and my window drop box is missing several items.
I think I have to redownload Sketchup.