Entity Info window won't show up

My Entity Info, Materials, Styles, Layers and Scenes windows don’t come up. Other windows do come up.
The ones that don’t have a little dash before them. A setting or something? (see attached jpeg on the Window drop down menu.)
Can anyone help?


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Do you have a shared monitor? Maybe they are floating on it.

It may be that your dialogue boxes for the Outliner, Entity Info, Layers, Materials Scenes, Styles, etc. have somehow moved to another location and are being hidden offscreen. The dashed line indicates that the box is available but is closed. If you can see the box, it’s just a matter of clicking on it to open or going to Window then clicking on the name of the dialog box you want to use, but if they are not shown on screen, then you need to bring them back into focus.

This article provides steps to reclaim the lost dialogs: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/1040897

Hi Huck,

There’s a button that’ll fix than. (usually)

And if the button fails, there are other remedies.

See this topic…