Why are layers spontaneously created?

I often see unnamed and unnecessary layers appear in the Layers window. Attempts at deleting them result in a warning that the layer isn’t empty, and a query as to where to assign the data. This isn’t a problem per say, but I’d like to avoid these occurrences; What am I doing wrong?

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LIkely something that is being created by an extension. What extensions are you running?

Importing components that have geometry inside which is assigned to layers unknown to you will just add to your layer list. The component itself will have the current active layer assigned to it (which should always be Layer0). So it is what is inside the imported component that counts.


A bevy…
Paste in Place could be a likely culprit, as it’s likely the one I use the most often.
I seem to remember it happened before I delved into plugins, but the pop-up layers had O, or OO for a name, back then, maybe because of mishandling the O shortcut for the Orbit tool…
These days, the layer’s name is left blank, and toggling it makes invisible changes if any. I save to layer0 and continue working, but I’d like to understand what’s going on…

This plugin lists the name of all components that contains a certain layer. Maybe that could be useful to figure out where in the model the layers are. Typically you end up with unwanted layers when importing models from 3D Warehouse.


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I get this too and I’ve been very hesitant to delete anything as it may be something I want/need in my model. Thanks for this question franquin.

eneroth3, I’m a newbie at this, how do you use a plug-in (or can you guide me to a tutorial?) Thank you.

Not the case in most instances: Working from scratch, without having imported anything.
Plus the fact that any layer imported would most likely have a name.

Deleting a layer won’t result in the loss of any needed element, as SU requires a destination for it before it proceeds…

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Good to know! Thanks franquin

One way to make sure nothing necessary is lost: In the Layers window, toggle off all the named (known) layers.
To do this, you will need to select the unnamed layer as the active one (radio button as opposed to the √ check marks)
Whatever remains visible is on the “mystery” layer, provided it’s not “hidden”.
You can then assign layers to the still visible elements, all “loose” geometry to layer0, and groups and/or components to the appropriate layer(s). Then reselect (toggle) layer0 as the active layer and go on with your construction…

As for acquiring and using plug-ins, there’s a variety of possible avenues.
I’d suggest using the tools offered through SketchUcation, as it involves the easiest process for downloads, installations and management.
You will need to create an account for this, which’ll also give you access to training materials, such as downloadable manuals and tutorials. The forum there is a bit unwieldy, you’re better off using this one here.

Hang in there, it gets more interesting as you go along, instead of simply frustrating. I can’t say it becomes easier, though, since the normal tendency is towards more and more complicated projects… But your proficiency’ll improve as you dig deeper.

Thanks again franquin. I’m enjoying it (except when I get lost and don’t know what I’m doing or should be doing to fix something and have to go research.LOL)

While I have you I was wondering if you could tell me how people show their work for discussion on this site, or if that’s even possible given file sizes. And are there groups congregate together, such as architects chatting with other architects and interior designers talking with their group, etc.? The reason I ask is because I am actually building the house that I’ve been modeling and would like input from interior designers on what I’ve created and how to better it. Though that may be outside the scope of this forum.

This menu appears at the top of the window where you write these replies:
01 AM
This icon 53 AM is for uploading suitable (.pdf, .png, .skp, etc.) files that’ll be displayed in the body of your text wherever you insert it. A screen capture (.png) will be displayed, whereas an .skp will only be viewable here once the viewer downloads it by clicking its icon.
If you’re worried that an .skp file is too big to transmit, you can create one that only contains the elements that are needed for the discussion.
Animations can also be produced and displayed, but I haven’t been there yet, so I can’t give you any pointers in that regard.

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Good morning. I’m familiar with how to upload it, I was just wondering if it was possible to upload the entire model somehow. I know the files get very large and I’ve found that after a certain point even compressing them doesn’t work. I have a LOT to learn, so forgive all my questions. I do tend to take advantage of knowledgeable people when I get a hold of them. :wink:

You can upload 3mb here and 50mb to the 3d warehouse. And even more to Dropbox or similar.
You could also upload images to the gallery and ask for comments and suggestions.

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What is the gallery and where do I find it???

The Gallery is simply a subforum and can be found by following this link.

Feel free to create your own thread or multiple threads.

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You’re the best! Thanx for all the info. :heart_eyes:

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