Components adding layers

I have layers appearing when I add components, some are obvious and I can reassign them (ie. a tub may have a separate plug and overflow). but some I have no idea where they are from. Is there a method to determine what is on this layer.

I’ve made a simple extension that shows the name of the components a layer is used within. It’s a bit rough and I don’t remember how well it supports groups but it can be useful.


Are you adding components from 3D Warehouse?
I would suggest to first add them one by one to an empty instance of SketchUp and check them about used layers and unnecessary geometry etc. clean them up first before importing them into your own model.

Unknown components can bring in all sorts of layers, even a simple edge can have some unknown layer assigned to it due to previous exploding of an earlier group or component by the person who created the thing. 3D Warehouse is also full of rubbish, beside some (very) good examples.


Layers do not ‘own’ geometry so turning all Layers’s visibilty of and the one to investigate visible (‘on’) will not give the expected results because you can have the edges and faces on a layer, which are maybe wrapped in a group that is assigned to another layer etc.

The components you insert will be assigned automatically on the active Layer, and is always ‘wrapped’

You can delete a layer, and you will be prompted to choose what to do with its ‘contents’

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Thank you for that Julia, it does help somewhat. I noticed you hve many helpful extensions. Skol!

Yes I have been adding component from the warehouse and did what you suggested and found the unknown layers. Some don’t seem to affect the component at all and can be deleted without issues.

Yes I am beginning to understand that concept more. Still am struggling as to why certain elements are in different layers when I assign the layer under entity info.

The components likely have additional line work or internal groups that are assigned to layers. I always try to open anything from 3D warehouse in a separate file so you can inspect it first. Also if you know for sure you don’t want the layer you can simply delete it and you will be asked how to assign the objects on the deleted layer- typically default layer as long as you are using layer 0 as your default.