Managing Layers From Warehouse Components

When downloading components from the warehouse, I find that many times the component has brought in its own layers that mingle with my set list of layers. What is the best way to handle the management of these layers - some of them I am able to delete, such as extra doorknobs on a door, or interior parts of stoves/refrigerators, etc.? However, there are always layers left and I would like to get them out of my list. Does anyone have a method they use to control these?

Best practice … Don’t download content directly into your model.
Download and save content as a separate file.

Then open the separate file.
Determine if it’s what you want and if it’s worth the time to clean it up.


And with the downloaded component in its own SketchUp instance you can easily bring down all layers to just Layer0. Select all layers and delete them (-sign in the ‘Layers’ manager)

When doing so, you’ll move all layers content to default layer (which should be Layer0) = assigning Layer0 to all entities that had one of the deleted layers