Duplicating a multi layered component from 3D warehouse

I have d/loaded a shipping container which has multiple layers, I would like to delete some layers and then duplicate 2 more separate containers copies with there own layers
Could really do with some help

Open the Layers panel and delete all but Layer 0. You will be given an option to move all entities to the default layer. Accept this option and add new layers as desired.

Thank you for the response JV, as you’ve probably guessed I’m new at this! Are you familiar with photoshop where, one can have a group of layers and save them in a “new group from layers” type of folder and then if one chooses, duplicate that group and have use of all the layers in said group. This is what I am trying to accomplish.

Sketchup doesn’t work that way with layers - it is very different from other CAD programs and Photoshop in that respect. See this Help article:

And follow a few important tips from the start:

Put ALL ‘raw’ geometry (edges and faces) on Layer0. And keep the Layers panel radio button (which denotes the default layer) set on Layer0.

To separate geometry, use Components or Groups. Layers in SU do NOT separate geometry

ONLY assign visibility layers to Components or Groups, NOT to raw geometry within them.

Cheers John
I’ll check it out mate

Hey folks
Here’s what I’m looking for and, I’m gonna explain it by describing the final product first and then, the route I’m taking + the problems I’m having. I am hoping you can
a) Tell me if it is feasible with this software and.
b) What I need to do to make it work.

I have three shipping containers, I would like to create an animation where one unfolds into three. This, in my world means I would need to be able to have and control separate parts in each section.
What I have done that has not worked yet is to import from 3D warehouse a shipping container, which comes in multiple layers to which I have deleted the ones I do not find necessary and, highlighted and saved as a group those that I want to keep. I also gave each layer in the first container the same number (1) before the part description.
I then highlighted everything and duplicated and saved all parts as a group and numbered (2). My next step was to be another duplication but, when I turned off components in (1) components in (2) would turn off also.
Hence my initial question