How to add more then 1 container

i got sketchup to play with putting shipping containers in and working out what will work?
well stuffed if i can add more then 1 box in i no good at art or drawing i just want to put 3 or more boxes in 1 go and move around and try and put a roof on it!
any help would be nice
i have looked around here and on ytube no luck
thanks cheers

It’s hard to understand what your problem is exactly but maybe this will help.
Especially read the part about Copying and multiplying geometry with the Move tool.

You should also have a look at the videos, here:

i can load a pre made shipping container into the start page how u add more all it does is start a new page
and the 2nd 1 only shows u how to make stuff from scratch?

Read at the first link. Import the container and then copy it to make more of them.

cant work it out i want to use a 53ft container and then 2 40ft containers not copy 1

How are you getting the containers in the first place? Are you using the 3D Warehouse access in SketchUp? Go to Window>3D Warehouse. Search for the container you want and insert it into your model space.

yer i got them i trying to put them in i can get 1 in say the 53ft now i want to put 2 40ft in it getting to hard

Please be more specific about what is causing you difficult. If you go back to the 3D Warehouse window in SketchUp and choose the next container component you want, you should be able to put that new container in with the previous one.Then you can move it around as needed. If you are having difficulty moving the second component into place, go back to my first post and read learn about using the Move tool by watching the videos and read the Help files. Start with simple boxes instead of the container components until you get the hang of using the Move tool.

mmm to hard i going to uninstall it
i been trying i can get 1 box in i cant get the others 1s i want in i all ready got the container files on my puter i been trying the move stuff if i can work it out

OK. It’s a shame you can’t take a few minutes to watch a tutorial video or read the manual but I guess it’s not for you.


i watched it. all i want to do is put 3 boxs in and move em around not do a tafe course ill just find some 1 to work it out it just like the old Amiga program to lay out house plans to hard

Is this what you wanted?

Three (2.0 MB)
Unzip the file to get the SKP file, then double click it to open SU with that model.

If that’s STILL too hard, you need some other method of doing it - like card models or wooden blocks to scale size.

thanks i can move em and put em where i want now i just could not get em all in the same start page or what ever u call it
i try and load the 1s i got from the 3d warehouse i could not put em all in at the same time
thanks john

Glad it works for you.

Do not press Ctrl when moving…

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