Do you have shipping container parts

G’day all
Do you folks have 3D shipping container parts or links to downloads that can be saved as layers, I am looking for parts i.e. doors, tops bottoms and sides for reg 40’ and 45’ high box. also vids on how to save in layers as well as how to duplicate (Yep, he’s a newbie)
This is just a start but, gotta say so far, I like the program and it looks like its gonna be fun

You will want to go to the SketchUp 3D Warehouse for your parts.

As for learning how to use SketchUp, you can go to either the SketchUp Video tutorial set on the main site or you can visit Youtube and go to SketchUps channel or do a general search for specific SketchUp topics provided by the user community.


Your current perception of Layers in SketchUp will lead you down a path to modeling mayhem.
Spare yourself by watching these:

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Ah the simplicity of it. Great program n great tuts
Cheers Chris