How to multiply objects?

Hi, I’d like to learn two things:

  1. How can I multiply this object (it’s a simplified rack), of which I would like to draw a sketch that shows how many of these I could fit into a 40-feet container.

  2. Can I draw a translucent box that could serve as an outer casing of the above racks that I would like to fit into it?

Again, thanks in advance for your reply!

Select one component instance ‘rack’… and Move+Ctrl it to one side snapping corner-to-corner, so they’ll align.
This will make a copy.
Before doing anything else type x10 [or however many copies you want]
10 copies appear.
If you want to change the number type xN and the number of copies will increase or decrease.
Do NOT click on the Measurement input box - just type…

You now have a ‘rack’ arrayed in one direction.
To copy those select them and use Move+Ctrl again and snap, entering xN if you want more than one copy…

To make a transparent ‘box’, use the Rectangle tool to make a flat face, stretch it out to approximate to the desire size, the type 40’,10’ - OR whatever size the box’s floor-plate is…
Activate the PushPull tool and extrude the face up into a box of the required height.
Select all of this box’s faces and make a group [or component] of it.
Apply a transparent material to the ‘box’.
Apply a separate Tag to the box so you can switch it on/off…
Locate it over the arrayed ‘racks’ as appropriate…

Hi Tido. Welcome. You have some basic questions. There’s a series of learning videos with basic instructions.

Hi pbacot,

thanks a lot for recommending these videos. They’re super helpful for me :slight_smile: :smiley: :+1:

Best, Tido