Inport into model with same scale

I have made a model of a concrete slab. I have also found a 20’ container in 3D warehouse. How do I import this into my model, so it “Fits” and not super large?
Thanks for the help

Assuming you’ve model both correctly you should be able to import one into the other with no problem. If one of them comes in looking like it’s the wrong size, one of the models isn’t done correctly. If you share your .skp files we can take a look and help you sort it out.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates a version that does not exist. The exact method of getting one of combining your files depends on which version of SketchUp you are using. Please fix your profile while you are at it.

I’m using Desktop SketchUp Make 2017.

Not seeing how to share my file?

Your profile says you are using 2016 Free (Web). Not anywhere close to 2017 Make.

Drag and drop them into a reply or use the Upload button at the top of the reply window. It’s got the upward-pointing arrow.

20_ Slab - Copy.skp (253.5 KB) 20’ Container.skp (861.8 KB)

I guess that worked,
The 20_Slab is mine. the 20’ Container I found
Thanks for the help

Here’s your problem. The container is modeled at two hundred feet long, not 20 feet long. The Units in Model info were set to millimeters, too.

In your slab model you should fix the face orientation. Don’t leave exposed reversed faces.

20_ Slab - with container.skp (999.5 KB)

I resized the container to make it 20 feet long by using the Tape Measure tool to measure from one corner to another along the length. Then I typed in 20’ and hit Enter. After that I made the container a component, copied it with Edit Copy and then in the Slab model I pasted it.

I see you changed the version to 2017 but how about changing the license type to Make. It’s still misleading as it is.

Ohh…Thanks for the help!
You lost me on the “exposed reversed faces”
Thank you

The top face on your slab shows the blue back face. See my screen shot. You should right click on that and choose Reverse Faces. Well, I fixed it in the model file I uploaded. Make it a practice to keep white front faces out.

I followed your directions about resizing the container in my folder, and it worked. thanks for the help

but when I do that, I loose my Material Asphalt and Concrete?

That’s because you have painted the wrong face.
Many renderers don’t ‘see’ back faces, so your concrete would disappear.
Keep the faces oriented correctly and only paint them when complete.

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It’s worth noting that the container model is technically incorrect, the corners are flush and they aren’t in reality.

Correct, I have adjusted for this in the slab that will actually be poured.

So I’m confused about painting the wrong side.
When I created the slab model, I drew a 2D outline, and then pulled it to 3D. So why would the “pulled up” part not be the top or correct face?
Thanks for the help

As I wrote before, faces have front and back sides. By default, when drawing a rectangle on the ground plane, the back face will be up. Since SketchUp is a 3D modeler, it expects your next move is to make the shape 3D.

Here is a rectangle with another one inside it similar to what you modeled. The faces are reversed.

You can correct the face orientation if needed but if you would give the large rectangle a bit of thickness first, you don’t have that problem

Keep in mind that faces have no thickness in SketchUp. A concrete slab would never have no thickness.