Content of layers

Hi everyone
I need some help this morning. I have a house model that’s fairly complex. I use a lot of groups and layers to organise my model, very much in the same way Nick Sonders and Michael Brightman. However, I made the mistake of importing furniture and other small models from the 3D Warehouse directly into my model instead of checking them out in another file first. Those imported models and now inside groups and layers that I have created, but importing them also imported the layers that were in those models, as it should. I would like to get rid of those imported layers, but I don’t know how to find out exactly what’s in those imported layers (is it only raw geometry ou groups inside those imported models). I know that if I delete a layer, Sketchup will asked me what to do with it’s content. I could simply put it in layer 0, but if it’s not raw geometry, I’m not fine with it since I like keeping my models very neatly organized. Is there an easy trick for that? Am I clear in what I want to do. Thank you for your time!

I would select the imported components in Outliner. You’ll be able to see if they are nested components. If they are, expand the component so you can see what’s inside. Select the components or groups inside and check to see what layers they have associated with them. You’ll see that in Entity Info. Then you can decide what to do with the layers that came with the component.