Downloaded a model adds numerous layers

When you download a model there are numerous layers added to the layers window. If you download many items eg. woodworking machines and tools to my new shop model I end up with dozens of unwanted layesr that I now have to scroll though when I really only want the half dozen layers I originally set up in my shop model. Can you not download a model in 1 piece (layer) and then add it as a single entity to say “a tools layer” only.

The layers that accompany the model you download are put there by the author.There’s no control over what the author does.

In brief, no. An imported model brings its layers along with it. However, in the layers window if you select a layer and delete it (-), SketchUp will tell you if the layer is in use by entities and ask what you want to do. You can use this to quickly associate the original contents with a different layer while getting rid of the prior layer.

Download the new model.
Layer manager - ensure Layer0 is the current-layer.
Layer Manager > Select all of the unwanted Layers [Ctrl to add multiple], press the ‘-’ button to delete them, accept the option for moving entities onto Layer0…

Now the model’s layers have been ‘zeroed’ to Layer0.

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Except when the imported Component uses the same Layer names as the model, in which case you would need to go through and manually put things on their appropriate Layer.

I wrote this code which prefixes a selected Component’s Layers with the component name essentially isolating the component’s Layers from your layers. So then the Layers can be removed safely.

The code isn’t packaged up into an extension yet - you will need to click on the “Raw” button, download the .rb file, then copy it to your Plugins folder.

Thanks for your replies. I’m aware of the process to move multiple layers created when importing models, however, if you have a complex model with say 60 or 70 layers already establised then import 5 models (with 10 layers each) you have then effectively doubled your layers, whereby you now have to go though and select the newly added layers and then “delete” and “move the contents” to the layer of your choice. I supose you could name all of the existing layer preceeded by a 1 - ****** then at least the layers would sort and you would more easily identify the new layers that are created when downloading a model.

In that case, it would probably make sense to open the models that you intend to import, edit their layers and save them, and then import them into the “master” model. Then you don;t run the risk of messing up current layers or getting confused with all those layers.


Yes this would work as well - Also editing models and then saving them to you own private warehouse would make those models available to you across different files as I have yet not been able to find a way to copy a layer consisting of numerous models from one file to another. It would be nice if you could import across files.

You can copy a component from one SKP file to another or you can create a local collection if you don’t want to upload to the warehouse.

Maybe it would be useful to have an importer option to ignore Layers.

Your wording there worries me…I hope you realize that in SketchUp a layer is a thing to which an entity refers to get a shared visibility flag, not any sort of collection?

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