Drastic slowdown with SketchupPro 2019

Hey guys, I found the longer you use Sketchup 19 the more it slows, a quick workaround was to close and open a model, that is of course after you have all tried the options above and they did not work.

Question for the Sketchup team: I assume lag is being caused by accumulating temporary files in Sketchup, those temporary files are most likely necessary and are probably used for communication between SketchUp and Dialogs and the undo strings?

In the new version of PlusSpec I added a “Purge Temporary files” option that I have been testing and it does seem to work, if it works okay with our beta testers it will be public. image

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Is the SU 2019 installation in some way tangled up with iDrive?

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Now that is an interesting proposition. My desktop and all SKP files are backed up to iCloud, and my internet connection is spotty and slow often. Of course, I can’t replicate the behaviour at this exact moment which is also frustrating but lends credit to the idea of it being related to my connection and iCloud somehow. I will move the file to a drive that is not synched next this occurs and see if it has any effect. Thank you!

Are you saving the SKP files directly to iCloud? Or opening them from there? There have been numerous reports of issues related to on files saved in cloud locations because of long access times. Slow downs are common and sometimes users have reported files getting corrupted by the transfer process. Best practice seems to be saving locally on an internal drive and only syncing out to the cloud.

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My desktop, where I store all my work stuff is synched. Constantly updates changes, but I open them from the desktop.

I had the same problem on the first file I used in SU 2019. Small file, very basic. I tried to persevere but got frustrated and gave up. I am now back to SU2018 which runs fine apart from the missing images problem which prompted me to upgraded in the first place. I am worried now that I will have to subscribe to their new pricing structure once SU2018 becomes too old to handle new CAD files. Very worrying. We should not have to jump through a thousand hoops to make a new version work properly.

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So I just confirmed it is not cloud related. It happened again so I moved the file to an un-synced folder, rebooted, cleared the PRAM and turned WiFi off, it had no effect on the behaviour which is the same as before. Hangs for 1+ min with 2019 when I try to change an attribute of a dynamic component. If I save as a 2018 file and open it in 2018 there is absolutely no problem, it functions as it should. So what got broken in the 2019 update and can it be fixed? I can’t reasonably use 2019 like this, frequent updates were a feature of the subscription pitch, so fix it please?


Thank you for your persistence on this. I don’t have much time to mess with it, so am just suspending my SKP work for now. I work via Dropbox, and of course immediately
tried w/ local files, with no effect. I’m on an Educator’s license via Trimble, and suspect that is part of the problem, although it runs fine on the same license with a new laptop.


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Maybe we can get them to allow a roll-back subscription, so we are not forced into 2019.


If someone gets a subscription to 2019 but finds that a bug is requiring them to use 2018, we will provide a 2018 license for them for the duration of their subscription plan. I just did that for someone in this thread.
Thanks everyone for sharing and documenting the steps to reproduce this slow mac issue. We’re not yet sure why only some Macs are affected when the majority seem fine, so all the information and details you can share will help us solve this faster.

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The OP has a Windows machine. The “chimer in” Ryan has a Mac.

They both seemed to have been (originally) opening model files direct off cloud storage.
(I wonder if AutoSave is being triggered too often?)

Ryan sees his issues (on the Mac) with the DC extension and components.
Whereas the OP (on MS Windows) has a specific issue with slow saving to disk.

It may be that the two issues are actually unrelated ?


I’m not using a MAC. AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core, 16gb RAM, 64 bit, Solid state drive, GeForce GTX 1060 windforce 6G, Windows 10, gaming computer. If that is not fast enough to handle the new Sketchup then It basically unusable for the general public.

My personal PC has an NVIDIA 980M and handles SketchUp really well, so I don’t think it’s a matter of needing a faster computer. Even my old slow Macbook Air handles it fine. We’re investigating why really powerful computers might struggle with SketchUp so much.

Katya, I get isolated reports of similar issues from our users who are generally not Sketchup gurus and it happens on 1in100 computers regardless of spec, it would be great to know why.
I do know that Purge temporary files solved an excessive lag issue in Su19 yet the issue above seems to be different. Can you keep me posted on the outcome as it will help us help other Sketchup users in Australia. Thanks:+1:

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is there a "“\u” oder “\x” (lowercase) in the pathname (= directories + filename) of an affected document?

Hey, I verified that cloud storage is not my problem, worked with the file directly on my machine and the problem persists… Thanks for the 2018 support Katya!

I do believe that your issue and that of this thread OP’s issue are different.
You’ve both on different platforms and slow downs in different areas.

Just clarifying that its not a cloud issue, Thanks for the support!

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