What happened? SketchUp starts very slowly these days!!!

I9-7900X 32G GTX1080

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SketchUp 2019. Probably slow due to unsupported Internet Explorer. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021. Is it also as slow as SketchUp 2019?

Yes. It is also as slow. This situation began on June 25.

About 11 sec here (8th gen i7, 32 gb, 512 m.2 and RTX 2080). SU Pro 22.0.354
Also had AutoCAD 2022, Chrome (4 tabs) and Winamp running.

You were right to show extensions, those do load when you start a new file, and clearly you don’t have any extra extensions.

The other thing that loads, and that can take a long time, is component collections. If you have any custom component collections, check to make sure that they are on your local drive, and not on a cloud drive. I had a case once where it was taking 10 minutes from starting a new document to it settling down. Disconnecting the cloud drive completely fixed the problem.

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What changed on June 25 on your computer? SketchUp 2019 and 2021 didn’t change on that day.

As usual. And It’s ok today.
Is it because of the collaboration server upgrade?


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It is an empty file.

I wasn’t referring to the file you were looking at. If you open the Components tray, and look at the drop down menu, what does it look like? Mine looks like this:

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hmmm - interesting. Both, my private SU 2017 Make and my currently used SU 2021 Pro in the company have needed at least 45 seconds to start for years.

Just now, It’s starting to slow down again.
Beijing time 2022/7/11 17:50