30 second lag when updating a formula in a DC? WHY?!

For some reason (is it my slow internet connection?) when I change the formula in a DC it takes 30+ seconds to update the component. Really simple changes like the name of an attribute. Can anyone enlighten me?

I also get the “merging multiple items might be slow” warning constantly…

does this happen with all DCs? if a few, there maybe an issue (error, scaling sync) within the DC that makes recalculation loop? Can share or PM the problem ones?

this happens when selecting more than one DC? the common attributes are collected and displayed in the option dialog. If this is not what you intended, the component has more than one instance, check number in the entity info, then make unique if required

Hey! When it happens, it happens with any and all DCs, even the most basic. I just opened the same file from earlier today and sketchup is handling it fine. It seems like it’s not just the DCs but sketchup as a whole that gets sluggish? I will try and better define whats happening next time it happens, sorry to be vague. The merging multiple items message happens if I am selecting a larger group 60+ components to run a redraw, but that really doesn’t seem like that many, eg deck framing, am I wrong? wish you could disable the warning, I know it can be slow already!

It’s happening again! Same file I used 10 hours ago, now lagging 20 seconds on dc formula update. Single instance of a sheet of plywood in a simple model.048-DE NUCCI.skp (6.5 MB)
What am I missing? was lightning fast yesterday. Going to try a reboot and PRAM purge.

Nope. Full reboot and PRAM purge, no change.

Try exploding the “TEC 26” Patio Grill" once to get rid of the GeoReference and see if that makes a difference.
The "Under Counter Wine Fridge"s have GeoReference too, although they are set to false, I do not think you need them
It maybe the problem

With regards to your workflow, I believe its much quicker to use the option rather than the attribute dialog to make changes.(then no need for redraw, but if preferred I believe turning outliner off may help, plus at least in in windows there is a checkbox to stop displaying the warning)
Just needs a bit more time to do the initial DC, but then easier and much quicker to use,

048-DE NUCCI (5).skp (6.8 MB)
Have you looked at using the instance name as a labeling method? Provided you do not over ride with the name attribute, any changes will be reflected in both dialog.
I changed the first set of rafters to suit the alternative, you can change the instance name and the dialog will update, however with the label, need to delete and re-apply. (can be altered via ruby)

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This is what is happening to me as well.

Moved to Technical Problems > SketchUp category as DC is part of the Core team’s responsibility.


Have you tried disabling AutoSave? (I’ve always switched it off from back in the v7.0 days. Never trusted it. Saw too many users have issues with it over the years.)

Also … your issue is definitely with Dynamic Components.
Have you updated to the latest DC extension version 1.6.0 ?

Have you tried the latest 2019.3 release ?

Yes I have 2019.3, I get hopeful every update lol, hoping 2020 addresses it… In the mean time 2018 still chugs along fine. I turned off autosave as well, no effect.

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Are you running DC ver 1.5.0 still on v2018 ?

Yes 1.5.0 on 2018